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The New Israel Fund was founded in 1979 here in the Bay Area. A
philanthropic partnership of Israelis, North Americans and Europeans,
NIF believes that ensuring a peaceful future for Israel requires a
society firmly dedicated to equality, pluralism, social justice and
the rule of law. The New Israel Fund supports and
provides technical assistance to over one hundred Israeli grassroots
organizations working to build a society grounded in democratic
ideals and social equality. NIF's core issues include safeguarding
civil and human rights, promoting Jewish-Arab co-existence, advancing
the status of women, fostering tolerance and religious pluralism,
pursuing environmental justice and bridging social and economic gaps.
New Generations is our initiative dedicated to involving the next
generation of philanthropists and leaders in the work of the New
Israel Fund. From participating in study sessions with Israeli
social activists to exploring Israel on study tours, New Generations
puts a human face on Israel and its movement for social change.

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