Congregation Emanu-El

Two Lake Street
San Francisco
Location(s) San Francisco
Type(s) Adult Education / Discussion
Congregation / Minyan
Youth / Teen
Affiliation Reform

Congregation Emanu-El is dedicated to advancing our members' lifelong involvement in Judaism, engaging them in communal prayer (avodah), the study of sacred texts (Torah), and the performance of compassionate deeds (g'milut hasadim).

The Congregation serves this mission by:

* providing experiences that serve to deepen our members' involvement and faith;

* responding to the individual's need to choose his/her manner of Jewish identification, expression, and worship;

* building a spiritual community that encourages congregant-to-congregant connections and pastoral relationships with the clergy;

* providing life-long innovative, high quality Jewish education and cultural activities that reinforce positive, empowering elements of Jewish life and history;

* providing opportunities and encouraging actions that respond to the call for social justice through tikkun olam (healing of a broken world);

* strengthening the connection of our members to the State of Israel and worldwide Jewry;

* addressing the needs and concerns of interfaith families;

* appreciating the rich diversity of the Jewish community, and welcoming all regardless of race, country of origin, or sexual orientation; and

* securing the Congregation's future through careful management of its resources and proper maintenance of its landmark Temple.

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