Adult Trope and Biblical Hebrew Reading Course

Date/Time Wednesday 3/1/2017 2:30 p.m.
Congregation B'nai Shalom
74 Eckley Lane
East Bay - Walnut Creek
Cost Free
Age Range Mixed Ages
Categories Educational

The goal of this class is for students to become familiar with the trop or Ta'amei hamikra, the symbols that dictate the chanting of the Jewish scripture from the Sefer Torah, the Torah scroll. The chanting of scripture is our sacred story-telling tradition which has inspired us as a people for millennia. We will focus on pronunciation and punctuation which form the halakhically correct reading of the text, and the skills to offer accurate and clear chanting for good comprehension. The background of the chanting tradition will be discussed, as well as helpful rules and tips for chanting, being corrected, and preparing to chant. Experienced Torah readers are welcome. Ability to read Hebrew is required.

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