Judaism, Antisemitism and Western Art Music

Date/Time Wednesday 3/1/2017 11a.m.
Congregation B'nai Shalom
74 Eckley Lane
East Bay - Walnut Creek
Cost Unspecified
Age Range Mixed Ages
Categories Educational

The period of Jewish emancipation in Europe coincides with the height of the classical and early romantic eras in Western music.  Composers, along with other artists and cultural figures, were struggling to understand the changing norms of the enlightenment.  The created works that addressed issues of brotherhood and freedom, and sought to engage in cultural dialogues about nationalism and the rise of the nation statement.  As Jews emerged both as both creators and subjects of art, they too became a subject of intellectual debate.  In this course, we will explore how Jews sought to depict their faith in music, as well as how other composers engaged with Judaism. We will explore the roots of 19th century Antisemitism, and cultivate an understanding of how cultural activities in the second part of the century gave rise to broader Antisemitism in the 20th.  Finally, we will explore how Jewish composers responded to Antisemitism, primarily in Russia and America.

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