Andrea Nguyen and the Evolution of Pho

Date/Time Wednesday 3/8/2017 7p.m.
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3200 California Street
San Francisco
Cost $18
Age Range Mixed Ages
Categories Cooking

Andrea Nguyen has spent decades working to demystify Vietnamese cuisine while bridging culinary traditions with contemporary practices. In 2006, she authored the first comprehensive full-color cookbook devoted to Vietnamese food in the English language. In her newest work, The Pho Cookbook, she thoughtfully chronicles Vietnam's national food and comfort soup, pho.

Join us for a conversation and tasting as Andrea dives deep into pho's origins, dispelling myths of a colonial history and discussing pho's place in present-day America.

Andrea will walk us through pho's intricate ingredients in a cooking demonstration and tasting.

Table Talk: The JCCSF Foodways Series
Food tells stories. A cuisine reveals layers of culture, history and people as it traces migration routes and connects diasporas. In our new Foodways series, we explore the hidden histories of the diverse communities that have left their mark on the Bay Area's vibrant culinary scene. We shine the spotlight on locals who share their family recipes and stories through cooking demonstrations, tastings and conversation. Please visit for a complete lineup.

General Admission $18
Members get 10% off.

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