Day 29: The Omer Project Counts with Community!

Organization The Omer Project
Date/Time Tuesday 5/9/2017 8p.m.
Community Counts!
Corner of 29th & Fulton (on park side of street)
San Francisco
Cost Free
Age Range Mixed Ages
Categories Art/Culture

Join the Omer Project as we count the Omer! This will be day twenty nine during our ongoing gatherings. We will count, learn, have snacks, schmooze and sing.

A Community Counts day, we will join together to learn a new spiritual quality for the week.

The Omer Project is all about bringing people together and emphasizing the message that we all count. To show that Congregations Count, we are gathering outside of synagogues throughout the Sunset and Richmond districts. To show that Community Counts, we will join together to learn a new spiritual quality each week. To show that Individuals Count, we will offer a punch card and information sheet for you to count the Omer on your own, between our gatherings.

Rain or shine, we all count! (Bring an umbrella if you need it)

Join The Omer Project as we gather outside on the streets of the Sunset and Richmond districts in San Francisco to count the Omer. There are 49 numbered streets in those neighborhoods, in perfect correspondence to the 49 days of counting the Omer. (Was G-d on the City Planning Commission, or what?) As if that's not cool enough, the Torah has been symbolically compared to the ocean, and Torah scholars have been compared to the fish in the sea.

We will count our way through the Avenues, each week getting closer to the ocean, until the holiday of Shavuot. We will gather outside, in community and with synagogues in the Sunset and Richmond districts. We will count the Omer at the numbered avenue that corresponds with the particular Omer day, working our way from the smaller to the larger numbers as the weeks progress.

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